Sunday, February 05, 2012

Saving by Design

Listen up, NEPA Shoppers! Do I have a deal of a blog for you! There's another money saving/couponing blogger that popped up! This submission was passed along to us via our Facebook NEPA Bloggers group - which, btw, you should join if you aren't already a member.

Saving By Design is the blog of Kara Zoeller from Mountain Top. She joins the ranks of our two other money saving bloggers Megan Galko's NEPA Mom and Jenna Urban's Bucktown Bargains. Kara also has a brand new weekly column in the Sunday edition of the Citizens' Voice newspaper called "Saving Savvy". In this week's column, Kara discusses how to make the most out of what drug stores have to offer. You can read the article in it's entirety clicking right here.

More on the blog --

Saving By Design

From the About Page:

Hi! I’m Kara. A few years ago I left my career to stay home with my son, Brady. I just couldn’t stand to be away from him all day. I wanted to be there to share all of his firsts along with teach him all of those very first lessons. I now have a little girl too, Mikaylee. They definitely give me a run for my money, but I can’t imagine not being here with them every day.

I have always thought of myself as a bargain hunter…I mean I would look for a sale and here and there use a coupon if it was for an item that I regularly used. That all changed when a family member introduced me to a coupon blog a few years ago…I was instantly hooked! After learning all things couponing, I was ready to try it out. It was real!! These ladies that I would see on the news weren’t lying…they really were paying only $0.89 for a cart full of groceries! I believed it now because I too was one of those ladies!

I can’t begin to tell you the amount of money my family has saved. We’ve saved on food, diapers, clothing, all types of gifts, printer ink, tons of household items…you name it and I’ve probably had a deal for it along the way.

Couponing is also where I was introduced to Uppercase Living. I saw a giveaway on a blog for Christmas expressions by a girl who turned out to be my upline :) I loved the incredibly affordable products and the company’s message to “live a life inspired.” I had to become a demonstrator!

It wasn’t long before friends and family, along with total strangers behind me waiting to check out, were asking me how in the world I was saving so much money. I was so excited to share my couponing knowledge along with Uppercase Living expressions and my custom gifts that here we are…Saving by Design.

I would recommend checking the trinity of NEPA Mom, Bucktown Bargains and Saving By Design daily to make the most out of your dollar. You never know what deals may pop up one blog vs. the other. You may be able to mix and match coupons from all of these blogs to get the brands you love at a price you love and, more importantly, can afford.

Happy Shopping!


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