Tuesday, February 14, 2012

PA Live! Blog of the Week: ada.mae.compton

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Our PA Live! Blog of the Week this week is ada.mae.compton (http://adamaecompton.wordpress.com/).

We've covered quite a few blogs by quite a few bloggers, but this is the first one we're talking about that's written by a dog. A three-legged dog, at that. She didn't start off life like that. As she explains here:

I’m a three-legged rescue dog named Ada who’s living the country life here in northcentral PA. My name is short for Americans with Disabilities Act. I was adopted from the vet’s office after I was abandoned by some guy who works in the natural gas industry. So the story goes: I was brought to PA from TX and left here when he went back to TX. After I became a stray and was hit in the road, someone dropped me off at the vet.

The vet saved me by amputating one of my front legs. A month later, I was adopted by my new master and he gave me my name. He lets me blog, but moans about using too much bandwidth, whatever that is.

This is the blog of my life and the ongoings here in the country…

Ada blogs about a lot of things. The natural gas extraction industry and what it's doing to her home in the northwestern reaches of Northeastern Pennsylvania. The state of humanity as she sees it. The connections between critical citizenship, the literacy of power, and symbolic interactionism. And sometimes, just what it's like to be a dog.

Ada's been blogging for almost a year, which is, like, seven years of blogging in human years. Her story is sad and inspiring, and tells us about the cruelty and kindness of humanity. And the things she blogs about are important for all of us here in Northeastern Pennsylvania.

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