Saturday, February 04, 2012

More on our technical difficulty

The problem with not being able to add to or delete from our main blog list ("NEPA Bloggers Updates") is not, it turns out, unique to NEPA Blogs. It now has its own thread on the Blogger Help forum, with over 40 people reporting the same issue.

We're seeing a few reports from blog owners who make changes to the setup of various gadgets on their blog, and hit "Save", and see no ability to Save the changes.  In some cases, the "Save" button may appear inactive; in other cases, the owner will see the "Saving..." status displayed, endlessly.

From a somewhat more blunt discussion of the problem by the same person:

I'm sorry, that it's been a while and there are no signs of getting the problem solved.

I am another victim of the problem, I can't update my Labels index.  It sucks.  Unfortunately, Blogger continues making new and shiny changes, such as their CC TLD redirection.  Then they have to fix the problems that change causes - and if you surf the forums this week, you will find a lot of complaints from Australia and India about their blogs.

I also know, from experience, that the more individual reports of the problem itself - and the less asking repeatedly why Blogger isn't fixing the problem - the faster Blogger is likely to diagnose and fix the problem.  That's the bottom line.

Are you having this problem too? If you are, please click over to the Blogger help forum and add your voice to the chorus!

UPDATE, 3/30/2012: Blogger has apparently revised this thread out of existence. Here's a post that has more information and may also be helpful:

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