Thursday, February 02, 2012

Abby Millon

Each week on the set of PA Live! I meet fascinating people from all over Northeastern Pennsylvania. Musicians, chefs, community activists, people of all sorts. And true to our mission here at NEPA Blogs, I have to ask everyone: Do you have a blog?

Many do not, and I try to encourage them to start one. Often the response is "We have a Facebook page, you can look us up on Facebook!" - sometimes followed by a mind-manglingly twisted address that is impossible to remember. Facebook is nice, Facebook is useful, but Facebook does not provide the sort of broad exposure that having a website does - and just having a website does not provide the interactivity and personal touch that comes from a blog.

The musical guest on this Tuesday's show was Abby Millon, a young singer and guitar player from Honesdale. When she was talking with host Dave Kuharchik, she mentioned that she has a website of her own,, with an associated blog, At the end of the show, as we all stood around the kitchen eating Hot Wing Nachos, she confessed that she hasn't done much with her blog, and really intends to do more. As of this writing there's only one post, from late November of last year, but I'm hoping there will be more to follow!

As I've discussed at length on my own blog, if you are in a band (or even if you're just a solo musician), Facebook is a good thing to have, but Facebook isn't sufficient.

Do you have a blog? Why Facebook may not be enough

It takes very little effort to create and maintain a blog, and your blog will continue to pay dividends in exposure as long as you keep it up. Just as Abby Millon's blog and website give her the exposure that every musician needs. Be sure to check her out!

You can also watch Abby perform on PA Live! here:

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