Wednesday, February 01, 2012

Full Frontal Mom

Another submission from the NEPA Blogs mailbag!

Full Frontal Mom
The true story of a stay-at-home mom turned burlesque performer and everything in between

My blog is about my adventures as a stay-at-home mom turned burlesque performer, turned business owner. I've been writing it for a little over a year. It's a very humorous (I hope) and honest journal about trying to balance family with the need to fulfill our own needs, overcoming my own insecurities, navigating playgroup and chronicling my adventures in the world of burlesque. I also talk a little about the studio I have Jim Thorpe Arts in Motion and working as part of the burlesque troupe Dragontown Burlesque as well as working on the Pennsylvania Burlesque Festival for this summer--the first state wide festival for PA. 

So step right up, folks! Don't be shy! Marvel at the lovely Bunny Bedford as she gives her all for you here on her blog, Full Frontal Mom! All for the low, low price of a click!

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