Wednesday, February 29, 2012

We knew this blog was out there - or something like it. Geocaching is an amazingly popular activity that combines hiking, exploration, and navigation (including the use of a Global Positioning System device) to play a global game of hide and seek. I personally know many people who enjoy geocaching in NEPA, but no one could point me to a blog about it. Brute-force searches also came up empty. Then I stumbled across this blog while doing a location search for blogger profiles based in "NEPA, United States."

From the first post:

I’m still not quite sure what it is about geocaching that keeps me so interested? Maybe it’s the fact that it combines many of the element that I really like such as tech gadgetry, internet community, the great outdoors, exercise and let’s not forget the adventure of the treasure hunt. Even as a small boy while other kids wanted to play Army, I wanted to play Pirate. Seeking buried treasure using a map and clues was always appealing to me so I guess in a sense; I have always been a cacher.

If you're a geocacher in Northeastern Pennsylvania, or are just curious as to what geocaching is all about, be sure to check out Cache Crazy!


Unknown said...

Awe come on, hard to find? CacheCrazy.Com is the leading Geocaching and outdoor enthusiast blog on the internet! Well, maybe I'm a little bias but our 12,000 page views for the month of February must mean something?

Thanks for linking us and since you guys seem to be very cool and non profit, we will link you back. It's great to know you!

Bloodhounded, Founder CacheCrazy.Com

D.B. Echo said...

Haha! NOW I can find you in my searches! Maybe last time I looked was before you guys were online? I have a feeling my geocacher friends are going to say "Oh, yeah, we've known about this site for a long time!" Well, thanks for doing what you do!

Unknown said...

Just saw the Show and I thought he explained it really good in what little time he had to talk about it. Maybe it will get more people into our hobby.and less muggles asking us what we are doing.