Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Anthony Antonello

LuLac tells us that Tony is the son of a friend of his from Pittston.

From his about page:

Following six years in the military, and much time as a medic and firefighter, Anthony Antonello has witnessed the ups and downs in life. From spending time fighting for the United States Military, to the everyday horror covered on the local news, Antonello was there, witnessing events most only see from the comfort of their homes on a TV screen.
Not allowing those images to simply absorb in the noise of main-stream media, there was only one thing left to do for the man from Northeastern Pennsylvania – become politically active. Antonello now travels the country, and covers stories and events showing people first hand what the mainstream media refuse to show, asking questions mainstream media refuse to ask and using whatever means possible to get people thinking.

Anthony Antonello


I watched his video of his pursuit of Nancy Pelosi in Scranton  on YouTube.   It was herky jerky and she ignored him. The Capitol Police warned him to back off because they thought he was stalking her. The Yonk told him to wear a tie next time.

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