Thursday, June 28, 2012

Happy Blogiversary!

Several of our NEPA Bloggers have celebrated significant Blogiversaries lately and I thought it would be fun to do a post and call attention to their accomplishments.  We often find that we are the kiss of death in NEPA Blogging.  Bloggers will delete their blog or stop posting right after we add them to our blog roll.  Maybe its because we have drawn attention to their blog, or maybe the blog author simply got bored with it, we can never be sure.  Harold, Gort and I have seen many a blog come and go over the years.  Which is why I think keeping a blog around for a year or longer, shows dedication and should be celebrated.

Congratulations!  We hope you keep blogging for many more years to come.

 (Check out the awesome cake I baked for you all.
Yes, that's really me.)

NEPA Blogs founder and co-admin Harold recently celebrated his blog's 8th anniversary, we celebrated his milestone by making him the PA Live! Blog of the Week on Tuesday, May 15th.  You can read more about it in his post here:

NEPA Blogs co-admin Gort42 celebrated 7 years of blogging at the end of April.  In the past, he's had parties for these occasions, but this year, we had BlogFest right before said anniversary.  The Blogfather had a sappy post about it (kidding).  Gort also took the time to thank all of his supporters and friends in his post:

Speaking of the Blogfather, I had to do my homework to find out when Mark started blogging.  I learned by reading his first post at the new blog "Circumlocution for Dummies" that he first started blogging at Wilkes-Barre Online back in December of 2000.  That officially makes his blog the oldest of the bunch -- 11!

Andy Palumbo, the bad photography expert and serial WNEP blogger has been blogging for 7 years.  He celebrated this milestone back in November of 2011 and is slowly working his way up to year 8.  Congrats!  Bonus points awarded for posting religiously every single day.

I just celebrated my 7th year of blogging on and off, across several platforms and nearly lost my job for it.  It's been a crazy fun and interesting ride that I hope will continue (as time allows!)

NEPA Blogs will be turning 7 years old on January 13th.  We're not getting older, we're getting better!

Shannon Nelson, who has appeared recently on our Blog of the Week segment on PA Live! told us on Facebook that she will be celebrating her 7th anniversary of blogging in October of this year.  Congrats Shannon, you make it look effortless!

Maybe we're amazed that Yonki's blog turned 6 years old in May.  Has it really been that long?  It seems like he just started that thing up yesterday!

Two of our newer added bloggers informed me of their blog's first birthday, they are:

- Kara Zoeller of Saving by Design (and also weekly Citizens' Voice columnist)
- Morgan Harding of Cashmere & Cowboy Boots

Congrats on your labors of love ladies!


Have you recently celebrated a blogiversary and we missed you in this post?  We're sorry!  Let us know in the comments!


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