Tuesday, June 26, 2012

PA Live! Blog of the Week: Cool Blue Studio

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Our PA Live! Blog of the Week this week is local artist Jenn Danza's Cool Blue Studio (http://coolbluestudio.blogspot.com/).

Jenn Danza is a Nanticoke-based artist who specializes in meticulously painting horse figurines. Her work is detailed on a stunningly small scale, as demonstrated in this photo essay on the stages of painting a horse's hooves. Many of her horse figurines are painted on a commission basis - she is painting them to order for paying customers!

Jenn also paints extensively in watercolors. Often she paints found natural objects - a bird's egg, some flowers, even objects in states of decay that others might not find beautiful, but that Jenn transforms into works of art through her skill. She has a signature series of paintings of two little mice who frolic, sleep, get drunk - and even get carried off to be a bird's dinner. Many of these images are built around found objects - including fortunes from fortune cookies! Some of these paintings are available for purchase. If she has time, Jenn will even take commissions - just in case you found the absolutely perfect fortune that you want to see built into a work of art!

Jenn is a fan of found objects, transforming castoff pieces of furniture into works of art. And she has a special affinity for discovering hearts everywhere - heart-shaped stones, heart-shaped stains, even a marking on a green-eyed jumping spider shaped like a tiny heart!

Jenn Danza is one of the many amazingly talented and creative people who call Northeastern Pennsylvania home. In her Cool Blue Studio blog she shares some of that creative process with us. Read it daily, and see what she has to show us!

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