Saturday, June 23, 2012


As you are aware from the previous post, last night was the NEPA BlogCon Launch Party.  I'm sure there will be a lot of photos flying around as soon as everyone wakes up (Pssssst - WHY AM I THE ONLY ONE AWAKE AT THIS HOUR?).  A good time was had by all who attended, and we thank everyone for coming out and showing their support of NEPA's first ever blogging and social media conference.

To ramp up excitement for our event, Darling Stewie worked with Jason Valenti who runs the blog "PwnVFaiL" to create a social competition relevant to the conference.  If you did not have an opportunity to attend, you did not get to find out who won the #BATTLE4THEINTERWEBZ on Twitter.

What exactly is PwnVFaiL?  PwnVFaiL is a social gaming space.  It's a social competition between two things played in real-time, using Twitter.  Its an extremely different and interesting take on blogging AND gaming.  Our competition for the #BATTLE4THEINTERWEBZ" pitted several popular Internet memes against each other in a March Madness type of bracket setup until there was one winner left.  As it would turn out, "Scumbag Steve" conceded to Nyan Cat in the final round.

Justin Vacula accurately predicted the winner of this Internet showdown, and won some fabulous prizes, including this hat:

You can also find PwnVFaiL updates on Twitter (@PwnVFail) and Facebook.

Thanks again everyone for coming out!  Look for more exciting updates about NEPA BlogCon in the coming months. 



Karla said...

That was incredibly fun - congrats to Jason!

P.S. I was exhausted, can't believe you stayed up all night.

Michelle HD said...

I slept 3 hours and had to come back to work. :-\