Saturday, June 09, 2012

Colin Devroe's Blog

Colin Devroe is a perpetually fascinated NEPA blogger residing in Jermyn.  I learned about his blog through Jason Gaylord, Karla Porter and the lovely Darling Stewie.  Colin is also known in our circle as "the Viddler guy".  Colin was one of the founders of Viddler an online web video content management platform.  More details can be found about the Bethlehem, PA business by checking out their website here

Colin's blog can be found at:

Colin blogs about technology, photography,  his diet, and live in general.  He has a little something to interest everyone. 

We are looking to invite Colin to be one of the speakers at NEPA Blog Con which is happening on Saturday, September 29th 2012 at the Technology Center of LCCC.  Stay tuned for upcoming announcements about the event. 

Don't forget to follow him on Twitter (@cdevroe) as well! 


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Colin Devroe said...

Thanks so much Michelle.