Friday, June 22, 2012

Night & Day: Parenting in shifts

Night & Day: Parenting in shifts is the Tumblr blog of journalists Steph & Mike Sadowski.  This is not your average "mommy blog", folks (not that there's anything wrong with that).  They are a Mom and Dad on a deadline....a deadline to two little girls.

From the about:  We're a pair of journalists raising two little girls. Dad works days as a reporter; Mom works nights as an editor. We're in a constant relay race against tight deadlines.

You can also follow the Sadowski family adventure on Twitter @sadowskifamily.

One other exciting sidebar to this blog post....

A few weeks ago Mike left a message in our NEPA Bloggers Facebook group:  "There aren't many places that would appreciate this, but just thought I'd pass this along that, yes, there are awards for bloggers.  This is from the Pennsylvania Press Managing Editors, who awarded the Poconos blog "PopRox" as best blog in its circulation category in the state Woo hoo!"  

You can read more about the award winners here:   (Several CV and TL writers received awards as well!) 

Congrats to Mike!  Keep on blogging!


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