Monday, May 21, 2012

From the Mailbag: Trailscapes

We received an email recently from Tami Quigley from the Lehigh Valley asking if we could spotlight her blog.  She was one of the many bloggers nominated in the Morning Call MyChoiceVoice blogger awards back in March.

Hello, if you would please list my blog, Trailscapes ( on NEPA. I became aware of NEPA recently when you mentioned Trailscapes as one of the blogs nominated in the Morning Call blog contest.

I am based in the Lehigh Valley and my blog revolves around photos of nature, which I think is something everyone can enjoy. Thanks! Tami

Twitter:  @tamitrailscapes

From the About:  Trailscapes is a place to find the beauty of nature in my original photos and videos of nature set to music. Find the beauty, inspiration and whimsy in nature! There's beauty all around us, we just have to look for it in the simplest things!

Be sure to check out Tami and all of the other talented bloggers from the Lehigh Valley!


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