Thursday, May 03, 2012

Lindsay Boo's Many Blogs

I believe that I first came across Lindsay's blogs via Twitter, although I can't be sure because this draft post has been sitting around for a while.  I now present to you the many blogs of Lindsay Boo:

Tumblr Blogs:
Becoming Vegan:

and also....

From the about page:

My name is Lindsay Barrasse but I simply go by Lindsay Boo on this thing called the internet. I make zany videos on my YouTube as well as host, edit, direct, write, and star in my own web series called “PUB CULTURE”

I love anything tech, anything nerdy, and most of all the internet. I have a undying love for Battlestar Galactica, Bruce Campbell, and BEER.

I grew up in Scranton, PA but found myself wanting the Hollywood dream. I am working that. My dream is to host a TV show. You can find my IMBD page here! One day there will be more on it.

I went to college for Art as well as Marketing but I primarily bar tend with the way the economy is going these days. Tending bar puts me close to things I like most in this world; beer and people.

I love life. I love to travel. I have a blog dedicated to travel right HERE. For the most part I am just me- a giant nerd and loving it! I enjoy air, bubble baths, and my favorite color is clear.

You can also find Lindsay on Twitter under the username @TheLindsayBoo

40 draft posts still are sitting on our backlog.  I'll be working to clean this mess up during the month of May.


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