Tuesday, May 29, 2012

PA Live! Blog of the Week: Scott Sanfilippo

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Our PA Live! Blog of the Week this week is Scott Sanfilippo's self-titled blog, Scott Sanfilippo ( http://www.scottsanfilippo.com/blog/ ).

Scott Sanfilippo is a familiar figure to anyone who follows the local business scene, or even from his frequent appearances on local news. He is an entrepreneur and business owner, and a pioneer of internet-based business. His difficulties locating toys, food, and treats for his pet ferret caused him to realize that others must be having these same difficulties - and led him to create TheFerretStore.com, his first online venture, way back in 1994.  Over the years Scott parlayed his experience in the e-commerce world into a new venture - the e-commerce consulting firm Solid Cactus. (A more detailed account of Scott's business path can be found here.)

Scott Sanfilippo is a big man with big ideas and big opinions, and the Scott Sanfilippo blog is the place where you can access those ideas and opinions directly. This is where you'll hear what Scott has to say about the state of business, e-commerce, society, the Internet, dining out, social media, his extensive hotel soap collection...it's Scott's blog, and he's going to write about anything he darned well pleases! And it's all done with a rollicking dose of wit and humor. Who would have imagined that reading about e-commerce could be such fun?

The wonderful thing about blogging is this: anybody can do it. Anybody can set up a blog, write content, and share their thoughts with the world. You don't have to be someone successful in your field, someone who actually knows anything about the topics you're covering, someone whose opinions are highly valued by your peers. But in the case of Scott Sanfilippo's blog, that's exactly what you're getting - all with a good deal of entertainment thrown in!

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