Monday, May 07, 2012

Monday Money-Savers

I'll be holding down the fort at NEPA Blogs for the next few days, as Harold's computer is in the shop for repairs and Gort42 only blogs here semi-infrequently.  I'll be writing up the Blog of the Week post again and potentially picking and posting this week's new header on Wednesday.  Eeek!  That's a lot of responsibility. 


It's Monday and once again it is rainy, chilly and damp.  Yuck.  I find it hard to have any motivation on Monday to begin with, but when you throw gloomy weather in the makes me want to stay inside, get under a blanket and do some ONLINE SHOPPING.

Today, I'm offering two blogs that can help you save some money online and in stores.

Submitted via Mandy Boyle in the NEPA Bloggers FB Group:

New Frugality
Hey NEPA blogger friends! I'm the Managing Editor over at and we're currently looking for guest posters! If you have a frugal living tip, craft, recipe, or other personal finance post idea, send it my way.

The next blog I found from Nikki Krize's special assignment report on WNEP 05/01/12.

Chrissy Cleaver's Coupon Corner

Both blogs are just getting their feet off of ground, but keep checking back often for ways that you can get the most for your money.


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