Tuesday, May 22, 2012

PA Live! Blog of the Week: NEPA VMA

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Our PA Live! Blog of the Week this week is “Northeastern Pennsylvania Veterans Multicare Alliance(http://nepavma.org/newsblog) , NEPA VMA for short.  NEPA VMA is a blog authored by Karla Porter who was a former PA Live! Blog of the Week back in September of 2011. What you may not know about Karla Porter, is that in addition to her being a Human Capital expert,  she is also a veteran of the US Air Force.

NEPA VMA is a 501 c3 and has been helping veterans in our area for about 4 years. It is run by veterans who are all volunteers.  NEPA VMA blogs about benefits and information important to veterans in the region such as VA healthcare benefits, Pension benefits, GI education benefits, PTSD, PA House Veterans Affairs Committee Reports and events....such as the upcoming NEPA Veterans Employment Boot Camp happening on May 31st (graphic below).  The NEPA VMA website and blog were graciously developed through the NEPA CreateAThon

NEPA VMA has a very strong social media presence and can be found on LinkedIn, Facebook and Twitter (@nepavma). 

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The NEPA VMA Employment Boot Camp is free and open to any veterans who are interested in networking with colleges or area employers.  The boot camp will focus on reintegration to civilian employment and have sessions on corporate culture, networking and job search, résumé and interview skills, the outlook for high demand occupations in the region and state. There will also be panels on VA healthcare and GI Bill benefits, local, state and federal employment, post-secondary education, justice outreach and discharge review. The event will culminate in a networking session with area employers committed to employing veterans and agencies that provide services to veterans and their families.  More information can be found by going to http://nepavma.org/2012/04/register-for-nepa-veterans-employment-boot-camp/
Registration is required to attend the event on May 31st and can be done so by going here.

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