Tuesday, July 31, 2012

From the Mailbag: Donation Can

We received an email in our inbox this afternoon from Lacey Salls, originally from Tamaqua, PA who would like us to list her blog....

Good Afternoon,

I was wondering if I could get my blog listed on NEPA blogs. I'm originally from Tamaqua, PA and a graduate of Panther Valley High School. I moved away after graduation to serve in the Air Force and now I'm back in PA living in State College.

Thank you!

A Financial and Lifestyle Blog

From the About:

I’m a down to earth girl born on the Jersey Shore and raised in the Pennsylvania Coal Region. I enlisted in the military when I was 17.

“My desire to do things & know what’s out there has always been greater than my fear. I was more scared of staying home than of leaving it.” Dolly Parton

I planned to serve 4 years and separate but those plans fell through when I had $208,261 in debt. I owed $55,437 on credit cards, $75,000 on a house, and $77,825 on vehicles. I had to reenlist to keep a roof over my head. I promised myself I would never be a slave to a lender again (Proverbs 22:7). My husband and I worked diligently to pay off every cent owed. We are 100% debt free with a net worth greater than our annual income.

I needed an outlet to discuss the lessons I learned on money, voila, I created my blog. Money is a taboo subject that most people don’t talk about. My mission for my blog is to get people talking about money. Let’s discuss what works and what doesn’t. Let’s create financial literacy and independence.


I'm happy to report that Lacey will be attending NEPA BlogCon in September, if you would like the opportunity to network with her in person.  You can purchase your tickets to NEPA BlogCon right here all proceeds from ticket sales go to benefit 2 local charities (The Arc of Luzerne County and the NEPA Veterans Multicare Alliance).

Do you have a blog that you'd like featured and listed on our blog roll?  Reach out to us at nepablogs@gmail.com.


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