Friday, July 20, 2012

Uncharted Frontier EZine

Allan Kaspar, of the DnA Project Band blog is starting a new project that involves a blog.  I interviewed him about the new endeavor via text message.

Me:  "What's this new thing you are doing?"

Al:  "I'm starting a free ezine for short fiction writers, artists and photographers who are not yet mainstream.  It will distribute through all smart phone bookshelves/libraries.  Going to be an awesome creative venture."

Al:  "The ezine is located at"

Al:  "It'll be in ebook format going through smashwords so it'll convert into .mobi, .epub, etc formats."

Me:  "When does it launch?"

Al:  "As soon as I finish putting up the preview story."

Me:  "Ok, sweet!"

Al:  "Well the website anyway, issue 1, I'm hoping for beginning of August."

From the About:
Uncharted Frontier Magazine focuses on the best fiction and art from the creatively talented albeit undiscovered. We seek to provide a vehicle and voice to those we feel should be heard! Do you have the passion to create a good short story? Do you have a budding talent for photography and want to show the world? See our Submission Guidelines for details!

Undiscovered Frontier aims to be the best FREE fiction e-zine made specifically for mobile devices! We aim to have the ezine published on the Amazon Bookshelf, iTunes, and all major digital distribution outlets aimed at the smartphone and tablet audience!

Thank you for reading, and welcome to the Frontier!


So there you have it, head over to and check out the preview and look for the first free issue at the beginning of August.  


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