Thursday, July 05, 2012

NEPA Pizza Review

I'm going to let the about section of this blog speak for itself....

NEPA is renowned for it's abundant and diverse selection of pizza restaurants.  I'm a lifelong NEPA resident, longtime pizza maker, and avid lover of all types of pizza.  My goal is to bring you a minimum of 1 pizza review per week and build a library of reviews of pizza places throughout NEPA.

Two cool things I found about this blog was that the author decided to create a Google Map to plot out all of the pizza places that were reviewed.  You can check that out here.   Also, the blog's author engages his readers by creating interactive polls.  The one up now asks "What is your favorite kind of pizza?" Choices:  Thin Crust (NY Style), Thick Crust (Chicago Style), Old Forge Style, Sicilian.  Of course, I voted for my favorite - Sicilian. 

This blog is fairly young, it's only been around since June.  It does have several reviews of popular pizza places in the area so far (Revellos, The Gourmet Slice and Colarusso's to name a few).  We look forward to reading (....and drooling over....) more reviews soon!


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NEPA Pizza Review said...

Thanks for the feature. I'm excited to contribute to NEPA's blog scene. I'm new to it, but quite interested in building a solid online commentary on the NEPA pizza scene.