Sunday, July 22, 2012

Nine Kilobytes

Glenn Burgess is a technology covered music lover from Wilkes-Barre.  If it makes a noise he wants to hear it, see it, and feel it.  He also is a podcaster, slightly above casual video gamer and (most importantly) a blogger!  I had the opportunity to meet Glenn at the NEPA BlogCon launch party and learned that his love of technology inspired him to start up a new blog in June.  The blog is called "nine kilobytes".

nine kilobytes

Why Nine?

From the about page:  I’m sure many of you are wondering, “why nine kilobytes?”  Well the answer is simple, though somewhat long and drawn out.

I began looking around on the internet, the self-perpetuating content machine, to see what I could reference and feel genuine with.  The kilobyte.  Long since forgotten and slightly larger than its subset brethren which are the building blocks everything you process in a  given day are built on, it would be perfect for me.

So in researching the kilobyte, I came across a Wikipedia page explaining exactly what it is and this example.  10kb for an encyclopedia page?  Well I’ll be a bit under that in my posts.  Nine kilobytes is the description of this blog as well as the evolution of the identity of its creator.  Nine kilobytes is perfect.

You can also check out Glenn's podcasting blog "Bro'ing Up" right here.  He's also on twitter under the username of @ninekilobytes.


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