Monday, July 23, 2012

The Vintage Theater IndieGoGo Fundraiser

The Vintage Theater has been a good friend to the NEPA blogging community and has served as the venue for many blogging-related events in the past year, including the Bloggers' Roundtable, the Bluekey Tweetup, Pecha Kucha Night, and the Scranton StorySlamBack in May they announced the shocking news that they would be vacating the 119 Penn Avenue location at the end of the month. But since that time proprietors Conor O'Brien and Theresa O'Connor have been searching for a new home for the Vintage Theater. And now it looks like they've found it. But they'll need the help of people throughout Northeastern Pennsylvania to make that happen.

You can help by taking part in the Vintage Theater's IndieGoGo campaign! From now until August 18, you can donate to the Vintage Theater and get some really neat thank-you gifts, or "Perks"! How neat? Well, for example, $5 will get you a hug, $50 will get you a goodie bag of books, music, and art from local writers, musicians, and artists, $75 will get you enrolled in any of the classes the Vintage will be offering, $200 will get you two tickets to a dinner that will also feature a special guest character of your choice (living or dead), and $800...$800 will get you naming rights to one of the two bathrooms at the new Vintage Theater! Plus, each level also gets all the perks from the levels below! (There are many other levels I didn't mention!)

So this is it: your chance to help the Vintage Theater, support the future of the creative arts community in Northeastern Pennsylvania, and get fabulous perks in return! But hurry! The Vintage Theater's IndieGoGo campaign only runs through August 18!

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