Monday, October 03, 2011

2 From Joe Gannon

I found Joe Gannon from scouring the @nepablogs follower list. He has two parenting blogs that he authors.

Blog #1 --

Twitter: @RaiseACaveman
"Just a guy teaching his son how to be a man. And having as much fun as possible doing it!"
After perusing the About Page, I learned that Joe has a 10 year old and 4 nephews that are all under the age of 4! I must also mention that this blog of Joe's hasn't been updated since March. As a mother of 2 under the age of 7 (one of which is an evil genius), I can completely empathize with having your hands full. God bless your soul, Joe.

Blog #2 --

Raising Freedom

This second blog of Joe's talks about raising kids who value and respect freedom. There are only 2 posts over there, but we have no doubt that he will pick-up where he left off with this thought provoking blog soon enough.

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