Thursday, October 20, 2011

Riding Both Rails

About a month ago, I graded the News Media on their Social Media presence on my personal blog. In the process I posed a rhetorical question (not necessarily expecting a reply)...Why doesn't Mike Stevens of WNEP have a blog? He has a such profound way of telling stories from his "On the Pennsylvania Road" segments. I figured blogging could become a natural extension of his adventures.

Not long after that post, I was informed by Jennifer Wade that he does in fact have a blog.

"Riding Both Rails"
by: Mike Stevens and Tom Flannery

The "About" section of the blog has an interesting story (I'd expect nothing less)...

Mike Stevens will choose the subject matter (Tom respects his elders). Mike and Flannery have pledged to write 1000 words a week. Starting the week of 12/5 2010. Flannery has promised not to curse. Sevens has promised to not say “I’m too busy”

After a year they’ll have a book.

As incentive, if Stevens misses a deadline, he will pledge $5 to Flannery’s charity of choice. The National Alzheimer’s Association. If Flannery missed a deadline, the Stevens charity of choice is the USO. A deadline doesn’t mean much without a penalty after all.

I read through a few of the most recent blog entries and I am intrigued to see where this collaborative effort will go next. 12/5/2011 is rapidly approaching and if they have kept up with their pledges, they should have enough material for a book. Although, I have to admit I'm very curious to know how much cash went to those charities :o) Nice work, gentlemen!

Mike Stevens & Tom Flannery's blog addition is just one of SEVERAL that we have on our blog roll from the NEPA news media. I find the industry endlessly fascinating and hope that we continue to find more blogs from journalists/radio broadcasters/staff writers. If you know of any that we aren't already linked to, please drop us a line at



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