Thursday, October 13, 2011

Wake Up Wilkes-Barre

Fireman Dan tipped off Mark who tipped off me to the newest political blogger to pop up in the Blogosphere.

Wake Up Wilkes-Barre (which, by the way, they do not have hyphenated on their blog) can be found at

There is no "About Page" that I can find on the blog, so I will do my best to describe it in my own words. The blog's focus is specifically politics in Wilkes-Barre city. The author is anonymous. He/She describes himself/herself as follows (from the Blogger profile page) "A resident of the most corrupt city in the northeast, possible the county." The author is very much opposed to the campaign to re-elect Tom Leighton to another term as Mayor. The blog raises questions about the city's more controversial topics, such as the LAG Towing Contract, City Vest & the fate of the Hotel Sterling, as well as Leighton hiring some of his relatives.

Mark is not convinced this blog will be around after the election. According to him: "In reiteration, another election, another short-lived, fire-breathing blogger. What else is new?"

It is true, most political blogs that we list here at NEPA Blogs appear shortly before election day and then disappear or are abandoned thereafter. Maybe this one will survive after November. We'll see, I guess.



Anonymous said...

Well the W-B Blog is still around Michelle, perhaps to live another election in W-B and is still focused on the same things you summed it up with. You are correct though, they do seem to come and go based on the wind of change. It is hard to keep up something like a blog if there is little to no interest from others in it.

Michelle HD said...

Good to know. Keep fighting the good fight.