Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Unsung Throes

Dale Wilsey Jr. of the Manic Frustration blog, hit us up on Twitter yesterday with a recommendation for a blog of one of his local writer friends.

Rachael Goetzke's blog is called "Unsung Throes" and the URL is

From the About Page:

What’s all the racket about…?

Welcome to the blog of musical musings, creative wonderings and lyrical lolly-gagging. Hopefully, you will find the writing uplifting and inspiring. Hopefully, it will make you nod your head, yell, “heck yes!” or in some other way, enchant you into the beautiful and eternal conversation that music is. Pull up a chair, and sip your coffee. Welcome!

....And welcome to the blogroll Rachael, you are among some of the most talented and creative people in the Blogosphere in Northeastern Pennsylvania....

If you have a recommendation of a blog you'd like us to feature on NEPA Blogs, please holler at us through email ( or via Twitter (@nepablogs).


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