Friday, October 28, 2011


Here's another find by Michelle: NEPALife (

The subtitle on this Tumblr blog is "Bringing NEPA flare to talk on sports, politics, community service, and more!" Unfortunately, as with many Tumblr blogs, there aren't any links that I can see to an "About" page or anything else of the sort. We can cleverly surmise that the name of the blogger is Gerard Hetman, perhaps this Gerard Hetman, reporter and photographer for the Times Leader.

NEPALife consists mostly of image posts, with a few links and blog entries sprinkled in. From the first blog post:

I decided to call this blog “NEPALife” because I plan to talk some about life here in Northeast Pennsylvania. Of course I have lots of other topics to discuss as well, so I am looking forward to good times ahead!

Be sure to check out NEPALife!

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