Friday, October 21, 2011

The Mine Shaft

Did you know that the NEPA Miners Football Team have their own blog?

The NEPA Miners Blog (a.k.a. "The Mine Shaft")

The NEPA Miners started their new blog back in May. From the first post:
2011 marks the 5th Anniversary for NEPA Miners Football. We are growing in talent and popularity, still not everyone has heard about us? 2006 started a grassroots effort by Dan LaMagna launching the areas newest minor league sports franchise. The Miners started out fast with two winning seasons making the playoffs each year but needed more support to maintain success long term off the field.
Dan LaMagna was the one that alerted me to their new blog on Twitter. If you want to give the boys in black and gold a follow they can be found @NEPAMINERS. I've added the NEPA Miners blog to the blog roll and also under the NEPA Sports Blogs section on the right hand side.

The name of this blog cracked me up when I first noticed it. It reminded of that song by Jerry Reed "She Got the Goldmine". I'm going to leave out the rest of the song title/lyrics, but you can Google it if you are curious.

Happy Friday NEPA!


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