Sunday, October 23, 2011

PA Media Board

This one came from the comments.

Bob Quarteroni: I'm trying to get a local media blog up and running but so far with no success, as in no posts and few looks, so I'd really, really welcome people stopping by and commenting, or at least looking. It's at You can reach me at Thanks. Bob Quarteroni

Pa Media

There have been other sites that focused on the local media such as Beale's Bites and another message board that I won't link to because it deteriorated into personal attacks. Both authors/moderators decided to stop updating because some of the comments about people became viscous and in some cases libelous.

Well Bob, here is some unsolicited advice. Ditch the message board format and move to blogspot or wordpress, etc. I have found that the board platform is clunky and hard to navigate. The sign in and create account requirement discourages people from commenting. Shoot me an email if you want to discuss this

Anyway, good luck and I hope this plug will direct people to your board.

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Karla said...

Seriously... Not to mention little to no SEO value, inability to be found, etc. Long live blogging as a way to be the media.