Saturday, April 07, 2012

From the Mailbag: NYC, Style and a little Cannoli

Rosemary Nardone sent us an email last Saturday after the media frenzy that occurred with Blog Fest.


I run a blog about NYC and am from the Pittston area. It has been strong for over 2 years and I attend events in the city as press for the blog. Would love to be added to your site.

Thank you in advance,
Rosemary Nardone

The name of the blog is:

NYC, Style and a little Cannoli

From the About Page:

This blog was started December of 2010 due to my love of photography, New York City and cannoli. I actually live in Pennsylvania, about a 2 hour drive from New York City, but I have been visiting since I was very little. I wanted to write a blog to show people what NYC has to offer and that you can see something different with each visit. I come from an Italian family, and great food was always a big part of our lives. I enjoy trying many different afternoon teas in the city and reporting my experiences with my followers. I like to show many desserts, hence the cannoli in the title, fancy restaurants as well as inexpensive ones. I feel my blog is great for those who wish to learn something about NYC and it’s many culinary offerings. It is also for those who cannot visit, have the chance to see it via my camera lens. I am honest in my thoughts about places and give you a real insight to visiting them. I never get tired of seeing that skyline when I first enter the city as it is just one special place.

This blog has a little of something for, style types, places to visit, art, events...all with a NYC flair. If you enjoy the blog, you can also connect with Rosemary on Twitter and Facebook (noted below).

On Twitter:


nycstylelittlecannoli said...

Thank you Michelle! Have a great easter holiday!!

Karla said...

How cool is this? I follow on Twitter and had no idea it is a local blogger =) She followed me as a result of a Twitter convo in which I mentioned the word cannoli.