Saturday, April 21, 2012

Reel Speak

Here's a blog I found in a comment on one of David DeCosmo's Facebook posts!

Reel Speak

Movies. Opinions. Education.

What I look for in good film: You can thrill me, amuse me, and entertain me. You can even depress me, devastate me and educate me. Just don't bore me. 

Reel Speak is written by NEPA native Alan Brocovich, who now lives in a far-off place with the exotic-sounding name of "Philadelphia." It comes with a scary-looking Content Warning, which I assumed was the consequence of someone seeing their favorite movie get slagged, but in fact is there at the request of the blogger himself. As he put it, "I keep the content warning activated as a way to protect myself, as I often use colorful metaphors to get my point across. Better safe than sorry."

For thoughtful, in-depth reviews of and opinions about the latest movies, be sure to check out Reel Speak!

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