Tuesday, April 17, 2012

PA Live! Blog of the Week: Crafternoon Tea

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Our PA Live! Blog of the Week this week is “Crafternoon Tea” (http://varouna.wordpress.com/) the blog of Chantal Rich! Chantal is a married mother of two adorable adopted toddlers from Congo (and no, they are not twins). She and her husband recently moved to Northeast PA from Tennessee as they felt it would be an excellent area to raise the children. I had the opportunity to meet both Chantal and her husband in person at BlogFest a few weeks ago and they are wonderfully friendly people. We hope that by stopping by, that they were able to make some new friends and connections in the area. Moving to a new area can be a difficult transition.

Chantal’s blog “Crafternoon Tea” is mostly about crafting, but sometimes about other things. These other things can include vegan recipes, movies, photography, and mommyhood. I tracked down “Crafternoon Tea” by doing a search on all of the followers of the @nepablogs Twitter account. I passed along the blog to Harold who was happy to add it back to our blog roll back in January. After revisiting the blog again to take a few notes for this post, I noticed that she started a spin-off blog called “Dos Veganos” where she delves deeper into the vegan lifestyle with the help of her friend Ronn who is from Connecticut.

I think my favorite part about “Crafternoon Tea” is the photography. Each post has a photo associated with it, which she posts to her Flickr account as well. As of late, Chantal has been blogging about her sewing machine getting fixed, a craft project that she completed with her son, what she did on spring break, and a quilt project that is finally finished – and very lovely, I might add.

Go check out Chantal’s blog and relax with a piping hot cup of Crafternoon Tea!

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