Friday, April 13, 2012

Cashmere & Cowboy Boots

Another one of the many blogs that have been submitted since the wonderful article about BlogFest in The Weekender!

My name is Morgan Harding and I and am the blogger behind Cashmere & Cowboy Boots. My blog began as a NEPA focused fashion blog but has grown to cover many aspects of fashion from what to wear, a shopable page, mens trends, the NYC perspective and our fashion fixations as well as my many posts on great webstores and local spots where anyone can make a killing. We were even invited to attend a Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week show!

Cashmere & Cowboy Boots

Morgan has a whole team of bloggers working on this blog, and all but one of them are from NEPA!

Cashmere & Cowboy Boots started out as a chronicle of my adventures in shop-land as I searched The Valley and the internet over to find the fashion trends of today and tomorrow. Now with our contributors NYU sophomore Lauren Stash and Misericordia University freshman Mary Bove, we are gradually making our mark on the interwebs and becoming more and more stylish by the minute. We now tell you all about our favorite store, sites and brands, interpret tricky trends, give you an easy way to shop a chic look all from one webpage, forecast fashion, entertain your eyes with amazing fashion photography and tell you about international styles while, of course, remaining true to our founding principals of individualism and style.

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