Monday, April 09, 2012

From the Mailbag: An Organized Mess (My Life)

After our piece in the Weekender newspaper 2 weeks ago, we've been inundated with new mailbag requests from bloggers to give their blogs a mention here. It's either feast or famine around here, so we are enjoying keeping busy and all of the attention we are receiving. Our latest mailbag offering is from Stephanie Force, a Dallas High School Student, who blogs about poetry.


My name is Stephanie Force and I'm author of An Organized Mess (My Life). I had been out to dinner when I was looking over the Weekender and I saw the article for NEPA Blogfest. I'm always looking for more readers to get more feedback from, and so I'd love to be added to the list of NEPA Bloggers. I reside in the Back Mountain, just outside Wilkes-Barre. My blog contains poetry, thoughts, and just small tales from a life of local HS senior. Hope you enjoy! Thank you!

--Stephanie Force

"An Organized Mess (My Life)"

Enjoy these thoughts and remember that even when your life is at it's end, the words you leave behind will still live on.

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