Wednesday, April 25, 2012

About the Header Image: Wednesday, April 25, 2012

This week's header is It's from a photo expedition I took around Nanticoke on March 31, 2005. It looks like it's of a dirt road, but Field Street is (and was) fully paved. Rain in the weeks before had washed mud onto the road and it was now coated with fine orange-brown dirt..

Field Street marks the southern border of habitation for the middle third of Nanticoke. To the left of this image (which was taken facing west) there is a field, a ravine, and then Luzerne County Community College. The church in the distance is at the highest point in Nanticoke, or at least very close to it; the ground on the other side of Field Street is slightly higher. The church was at the time called St. Mary's; while it is one of the two churches that survived parish consolidation a few years ago, it is now called the Alternate Worship Site for the Parish of St. Faustina. (It is again up for consideration for consolidation.)

If you have images that reflect the character of Northeastern Pennsylvania in some way, please send them in to us at so we can post them as our header. New headers go up every Wednesday, and we only have a few left before we have to start relying on images by me!

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Wonderful header image, Harold.