Sunday, April 08, 2012

It's Personal

Little did I know that Karla Porter started a personal blog in addition to her business and human capital blog. I learned about it after she posted a link to a conversation that some fridge magnets were having with each other in her office on the comments section of my personal blog.

"It's Personal"
My blog is the professional me. This is the personal me.

Karla uses this Tumblr platform blog to talk about events in her personal life, techie stuff, crafting, recipes and etc. Most people do not realize that Karla is heavily into arts and crafts and often blogs about some of the projects that she does.

Stop on over and check out Karla's latest venture, I recommend you start with the first post.


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Karla said...

Thanks for having me! Sometimes I get the idea people think I'm always serious and only thinking about business process improvement. While that may be the case I have a dual core processor in my head and the other side is filled with off the wall observations, craftiness, foodie thoughts and even poetry. Now I'm going public with it LOL...