Monday, April 16, 2012

From the Mailbag: Well Said Cabot

From the Mailbag --

Good morning! I’m writing to you for consideration of our blog, Well Said, to
be added to the NEPA blogs site.

While the site was created by us here at Cabot, the real goal is to leave
behind corporate news and to dedicate the blog to happenings in the NEPA (and
specifically the Susquehanna County) area including community events,
fundraisers and general news. We also partner with several non-profits so it is
our intent to feature their activities throughout the year as well.

I encourage you to visit and have
a look around. We’re just in the beginning stages, but we are excited to be
putting content out there!

Thank you!

Brittany Thomas
Coordinator, External Affairs - Cabot Oil & Gas Corporation

You can also follow Cabot Oil & Gas updates through the following social media platforms:

YouTube: CabotSusquehanna
Twitter: @CabotOG
Flickr: CabotOG
Home Page:


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