Tuesday, April 10, 2012

PA Live! Blog of the Week: Panic About Anxiety

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Our PA Live! Blog of the Week this week is Summer Beretsky's Panic About Anxiety (http://blogs.psychcentral.com/panic/).

Summer Beretsky grew up in Kingston, and while she now calls the Williamsport area home, she still finds her way back to Northeastern Pennsylvania about once a month. Her blog is about a subject near and dear to her heart: Panic and Anxiety Disorders. As she says on her "About" page:

I had my first panic attack in college and, roughly estimating, I've added over 400 more to my resume to date... I've been contributing to the World of Psychology blog here on PsychCentral since 2008. Now officially diagnosed with panic disorder, I’m still trying to tame my panic attacks, my perfectionism, and my over-analytical tendencies.

Most people experience panic and anxiety in response to certain stresses, but some of them may suffer from full-fledged panic attacks resulting from an anxiety disorder without realizing it. Such a thing can only be diagnosed by a trained professional. But Summer's Panic About Anxiety blog can give all of us insight into what life is like living with such a disorder, from dealing with the stress of a pet who is having a medical emergency, to the sense of relief that comes from accepting that sometimes failure is an option - maybe the best option. And if some reader decides to seek treatment after reading Summer's accounts of dealing with anxiety disorder, she will have helped make someone's life a whole lot better.

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