Saturday, April 14, 2012

The Return

Another blog found during a location-based blog search for all blogs in "NEPA, Pennsylvania." Here's a blog from a blogger known as "G" who left the world of blogging for a while and then returned.

The Return

From the first post:

After a long hiatus I've decided to return to blogging. Whether anyone reads this or not isn't the issue for me any longer. I'm doing this for myself. Why? Why not?! I have opinions and ideas. Like what is the deal with a freighter that goes missing with a load of lumber on board. Lumber? You really believe that? I'm not sure that do.

Or am I the only one on the planet that doesn't care who the judges are on AI? Seems like there ought to be more pressing issues to occupy my mind with lately. But what could possibly supplant AI? Typhoons? The price of gas? Healthcare run by the government? Can I "win" NaNoWriMo again this year? What's for dinner?

G's blog focuses on Christianity and has lots of reviews of books about Christianity. Like every other blog linked by NEPA Blogs, it provides a look at another facet of the complex, diverse collection of people who live in Northeastern Pennsylvania!

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