Wednesday, April 11, 2012

About the Header Image: Wednesday, April 11, 2012

This week's header image is from journalist Andy Palumbo of WNEP. It's of the Scranton Lace Factory, once a thriving part of the industrial economy of Scranton, now just another abandoned building decaying as a reminder of our region's past.

The Scranton Lace Factory is a favorite focus of urban archaeologists, and has been featured on national shows. For Andy Palumbo's take on it, see this post.


David DeCosmo said...

Just have to share this one. A fews years back my camerman, Jim Keenan (well known to Andy) and I were trying to locate an address near Scranton Lace.We spotted a man walking nearby and pulled over to ask for his help. But before we could speak he, seeing us in our marked News car, said "I suppose you're hear about the lay off notices." That's how we were able to break the story about Scranton Lace closing down long before anybody else had the story. Great journalism wouldn't you say?

D.B. Echo said...

That. Is. AWESOME! Serendipity is vastly underrated!