Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Almost Colossus

Almost Colossus

al·most (ôlmst, ôl-mst) adv. 1. Slightly short of; not quite; nearly.
co·los·sus (k-lss) n. 1. A huge statue. 2. Something likened to a huge statue, as in size or importance.

Jamius Yost, of Kingston, is the newest personal blogger to be featured this week. Jamius is fairly new to the whole blogosphere. He just started this blog on July 12th. I was unable to locate a detailed about page, but I think his first blog entry sums up the blog's contents pretty well...

Manifest d'oh!

I'm not quite sure to what means I intend to reach in this, my own little bubble of introversion. Certainly I intend to utilize this space for my own creation: surely some sketches, hopefully complete works, poorly edited musings on music and other media, and most certainly in-cohesive ramblings on life and varied interests.

Ever the perfectionist, I intended on some grand unveiling, but as I sit here, hot, sloshy, and tired, I'm thinking, this is it. Honest. Bare bones.

So here it is. It's not pretty. I do plan on decorating.

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