Sunday, August 14, 2011

Twitter/Mailbag Submission

Thomas Proctor of Clarks Summit replied to one of my recent twitter updates and said "I'm from Tunkhannock unfortunately my blog is from Clarks Summit. Guess I failed! :)"


I responded to him and encouraged him to send along his links to us and we would include them on the site. Shortly after that, we received the following email:

"I have two blogs The Outdoors Experiment at and Totally Random By tom at I will make sure to put a link for you on oeoutdoors. Thanks for your service.

Be sure to check them out! The Outdoor Experiment blog features a wide variety of outdoor activities, events and product reviews. The "My Life As Tom" blog is more of a personal blog about his life and ideas.



1 comment:

thomas proctor said...

Hey thank you so much.