Sunday, August 14, 2011

Ice Cream Journal

What the french vanilla? How have we missed the Turkey Hill ice cream blog in our listings to date?

Turkey Hill's "Ice Cream Journal" has the inside scoop (get it?) about ice cream and the Turkey Hill Dairy. Who knew that there was so much to talk about regarding dairy products? Turkey Hill has an expert on the blog ("Ernie") that will answer any technical questions you may have about ice cream. You can also suggest new flavors or inquire about discontinued ones. They have an extensive Social Media platform and can be contacted on Facebook or Twitter. BTW, Each week they run a Twitter Trivia contest in which the winner receives coupons for their products. I won the contest once and received coupons for free ice tea and ice cream. And hey, who can beat free anything?

But don't take my word for it...from the blog's welcome message:
Welcome to the Ice Cream Journal! Here you'll find a collection of thoughts and stories about ice cream as well as a glimpse inside the ice cream making process at Turkey Hill Dairy. We'll also be updating our blog several times each week, so feel free to stop by often.
Yum! Be sure to enjoy a big indulgent scoop of this blog on us.


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