Friday, August 05, 2011

Fashion Vandals

From the mail bag:


If possible, I would like to have my blog included on your NEPA blog site. I'm a blogger who lives in Kingston, and my blog is It's a blog all about alternative fashion and designers, and alternative models. Thank you very much.

- Riss Vandal

Here it is:

Fashion Vandals

From the "About Riss Vandal":

Riss Vandal has always been drawn to designers, brands, and models that stand apart from the mainstream. She’s a staff writer for Gothic Beauty Magazine , the woman behind Strange Days jewelry, and cohost of The Phillips Family Fun Time radio show. Often in the midst of a fashion identity crisis, on any given day Riss is likely torn between goth, punk, neo-Victorian, and over-the-top glam styles.

Go and check out Fashion Vandals, and Riss Vandal's other very cool sites!

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