Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Is THIS Bliss?!

Occasionally, we will receive blog submissions from our NEPA Bloggers Facebook group. This would be one of those occasions. Our newly listed blogger, Lorina, is the author of the "Is THIS Bliss?!" blog

The URL is: http://www.isthisbliss.com

Lorina journals a lot about her journey to get into shape. "What's her secret?" you are probably asking (as am I). Here's the beauty of her blog: she willing shares with you all of the activities and exercising she does to maintain her healthy weight. I can tell you right now, homegirl has more will power than I do! This blog also has lots of photos and fun stuff to read about (such as her dog, lovingly named "Beavis").

From the About Page: "The purpose of this blog is to figure out just who I am right now. No, I don’t have amnesia. I know who I’ve been. I’ve been a daughter, a wife, a sister, an aunt, a geek, an artist (not quite starving, but I was quite skinny), a web developer, a web publisher, and a vet tech. I’m still some of those things, but I can’t quite pin down exactly what I am NOW."

Let's all give her a warm NEPA Blogs welcome!
Happy Tuesday :)


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Lorina said...

Thanks for the review! *smooch*