Wednesday, August 10, 2011

La Cascina: The blog of Old Tioga Farm

Another one from the mailbag! In this case, Nicole from Springhouse Woodshop and "Here and Now...and Then" suggested to her friend that she submit her blog to be listed on NEPA Blogs:

My husband Justin and I run a small, seasonal restaurant called Old Tioga Farm in rural Luzerne County ( Our blog is La Cascina (The Farmhouse) at We've been operating for 4 years.

Fantastic! Here it is:

La Cascina

This is quite clearly a treasure in Luzerne County - my own back yard - about which I knew nothing! How many other such treasures are waiting out there? And how many of them have blogs? Nicole, thanks for letting your friend know about us!

If you or your friend is a blogger in Northeastern Pennsylvania, originally from Northeastern Pennsylvania, or just blog about Northeastern Pennsylvania, please let us know - or ask them to contact us!


Unknown said...

Hey, thanks for the links. Its great to see all the people out there in the area that I might not otherwise know about.

I've eaten at the Old Tioga Inn and can testify that it is truly fine dining in an intimate setting. Worth checking out.

Unknown said...

Oops, that should read Old Tioga Farm. A lovely historic building and lovingly prepared food.