Friday, August 26, 2011

"I live in northeastern pennsylvania" + blog

That was the search I decided to try today. The phrase "i live in northeastern pennsylvania" plus the word "blog." It was a shot in the dark, but I thought it might yield some results. And it did.

Michelle Coulter has a blog on the Open Salon network which, as best I can tell, is called either "Fence Posts" or, more simply, "Michelle Coulter's Blog." I didn't discover her blog directly, but followed her back from a comment she left elsewhere that had the magic phrase in it. Judging by the content of the front page, it appears to be a poetry blog.

The second blog I found is called "Plank House Construction." From its "About Me" page:

Hello, my name is Dennis and I live in northeastern Pennsylvania. The reason I published this blog is one day I was going through a forum for a home repair website and I saw this question from a woman who has a plank house and was looking for information on how to go about remodeling it. Well. she got 3 or 4 replies and even had one from a contractor. A few tried to help but with a plank house, their suggestions were not very helpful. The contractor was not much help either. Most of the forums I go through the replies are to tear the house down and build a new house. For some people this might be a good idea, but then you have to think about all the other expenses such as having blueprints drawn up, all the new codes that must be followed. I own a plank house and have spent the last six years remodeling it. I went through all of the problems you can possibly have when remodeling a plank house. I have installed new electrical, new plumbing, new doors and windows, new heating system, leveled floors and ceilings, built new interior walls, new drywall, anything you can think of I did it to this house. The house is an 1870's Victorian house and I am about 90% finished. When I read in this forum about the problem this woman was having I had to reply to her and try and help her out. Needless to say she was thrilled with the information I supplied her. I have been working in carpentry since I graduated high school in the early 70's and about 75% of the homes I worked in were plank houses. They are very well built homes and with proper upkeep they will last a very long time. If anyone has questions or problems that I can help you with feel free to contact me.

I'm a little fuzzy on what a plank house is, and for all I know I may own one. Many of the houses in NEPA are very old, built with construction methods that may baffle modern contractors. A blog like this can be very helpful.
Plank House Construction: Problems Encountered When Remodeling a Plank House

This next one...I'm not even sure if it counts as a blog. It's the Vimeo site for Matt Taylor, who identifies himself as living in New Milford and says "I live in northeastern pennsylvania. I like to make little videos." I don't know if a collection of apparently unconnected videos counts as a blog - but, what the heck, let's say that it does.

Matt Taylor's Vimeo page

The final blog I'll list in this post is called Colin Devroe lives in Northeastern Pennsylvania - or at least did, back in 2005. Many of his recent posts are from the far-off territory known as the Lehigh Valley, which may or may not be part of Northeastern Pennsylvania, depending on who you ask.  From a quick scan of the most recent posts, it seems like this is a "Life" blog as well as a Technology blog. Maybe even a Photo blog!

That's just four, all from the first page of results. Maybe I'll drill down into this some more in the future.

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Colin Devroe said...

Thanks for linking to my blog. I definitely live in Northeastern Pennsylvania (I live in Jermyn) but my office is in Bethlehem.

My blog is exactly as you describe! Life, Technology, Photos! Thanks again.