Tuesday, August 02, 2011

Jenny Hill

This is a blog which, like Jeanne Moran's, was culled from the list of the Top 50 NetworkedBlogs in Scranton. Unlike Jeanne Moran's, there wasn't anything top-level obvious that screamed "Northeastern Pennsylvania," even in the Profile.  But a little poking around revealed some clues: there's a link to Clockface and Plate, "Real Life Reviews" of restaurants - many of which are for places in NEPA. Under "Where I Work" she lists Paper Kite Press in Kingston. Finally, she has a section for "Radio Interviews on WVIA - PBS," NEPA's public broadcasting network. So, we can safely draw the conclusion that Jenny Hill is based in Northeastern Pennsylvania.

Here is her blog:

Jenny Hill

It's hard to describe what you'll find on this blog. It might help to simply look at Jenny Hill's profile:

Jenny Hill
Gender: Female
Industry: Arts
Occupation: Poet, Book Wench, Hoop Fitness Instructor
Interests: Poetry typewriters coffee hooping dance toy piano peppermint patties jars of buttons small towns people like you.

That should give you some idea of what you're in for. Stop by and give this fascinating blog a read!

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Cultural Council of Luzerne County said...

Jenny Hill is the quintessential NEPA literary cultural icon - poetry, publishing, eclectic endeavors.