Thursday, August 25, 2011

NEPA Blogosphere earthquake wrap-up

Unless you have been living in a closet for the last 48 hours, chances are that you've heard about (or felt) the 5.8-magnitude earthquake in VA which was felt all along the east coast, including right here in NEPA. Below is a small sampling about what our local bloggers had to say about the day's events.

David DeCosmo from No News Is...Good News? has a post titled "All Shook Up" in which he writes...
"At first I thought it was caused by some sort of heavy equipment driving by. Or maybe dynamite blasting at a nearby construction site. But, since we didn't hear anything we ruled that out.

I mentioned "earthquake" then confirmed it by a
call to my former News Assignment Desk."

WNEP's A Pal wasn't frightened. This was his second earthquake experience. The first one happened while he was sitting in the WNEP newsroom several years ago.


Valley Scanner has Wilkes-Barre Earthquake Footage. Click here to see it.


Chuck Anziulewicz from PolishBear's World talks about experiencing his first earthquake ever.


Gort as an extensive earthquake wrap-up blog post here (to which I kind of borrowed the idea for this post) linking to other posts from his blogroll.


Mark over at Circumlocution for Dummies
is not impressed with the the quake so much.


Jimbobbillybob of Posts from the Fringe discusses the earthquake, but compares it to the potential hurricane we may experience at the end of the week.


The Further Adventures of Heathcliff's nephew got an unpleasant surprise for his birthday which was on the same day that the quake happened.

"Amazingly it was also, for most people I know, our very first ever experience with an earthquake. Although it occurred somewhere over in Virginia, because it registered at 5.8 on the Richter scale it affected the entire eastern seaboard. I happened to have been looking at my Facebook account at the time so I was able to get reactions & comments from friends, relatives & former classmates & teachers of mine in many different parts of the country. When it first happened the woman sitting right next to me made a comment about how maybe it was from the truck that was passing by. We then realized, though, that that couldn't have been it because the building shook violently & it lasted for about ten seconds."

*Shameless Self Promotion* Harold and I both briefly talked about the earthquake on our blogs here and here respectively.


In the end, I'm glad that everyone managed to stay safe and that there was no major damage in the area to report. I'm not so sure we will escape Irene's path this weekend though. Stay alert and tune in to your local news authority for more updates on that potential mess.


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Lorina said...

I just assumed it was someone in need of a muffler idling outside my house. You know it's a busy intersection when you don't even notice an earthquake!