Thursday, August 18, 2011

Bulk Business Blog Bonanza

NEPA Blogs is now up to 189 followers on Twitter. Some of these followers do not have blogs at all and others have already been linked to from here. On Sunday, I did some extensive research (*ahem* blog stalking) on the rest of the followers and came up with an extensive list of blogs that are not in our directory. I now present to you the business blogger portion of the list:

1. Miles of RV Smiles:

From the About Page: Fretz RV first opened as a small country hardware store in Sellersville, Pennsylvania. Since opening its doors in 1946, Fretz RV has built a reputation for quality products accompanied by an outstanding dedication towards complete customer satisfaction. Fretz RV has grown into a proud and caring family business, who to this day remains as loyal to its customers as the day they opened for business. Fretz RV provides the customer with reliable service and high quality products from manufacturers that share the same desire for customer care and satisfaction as Fretz RV does. They stand behind all the products they sell and always consider the value of the product or service the customer is receiving. If you are looking for an RV in PA, NJ, NY, or DE, please consider Fretz RV. We ship RVs ANYWHERE in the WORLD!

2. Yellow Cat Creative Solutions:

From the About Page: A Little Bit About Yellow Cat Creative Solutions.

“Out of limitations comes creativity.” – Debbie Allen

Yellow Cat Creative Solutions aims to provide creative solutions services to large corporate entities, while catering to the needs of America’s backbone – the small business. We were founded on two foundations – we are good at what we do, and we enjoy doing it.
3. Brook Valley Farm PA:

Located in Carbondale PA, Brookvalley Farm is a family-owned and operated horse drawn vehicle service. They also offer pony rides for all occassions. Laura & Steve (owners) maintain this blog. As they put it "You can come to us of we'll come to you."
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